Ice creams and thunderstorms…

Hey everyone, me again!

We finished yesterday with the sightseeing bus tour which was incredibly touristy but it had to be done. The weather was perfect, sunny but not overly hot so we got some nice photos. The audio guide was good although the classical music in between the spurts of information became increasingly annoying and were grating on us by the end, so much so that Sophia missed the end of the guide because she’d given up with the headset.



Today we started off with a laundry run while we had the chance, before we move onto Milan in a couple of days.
If you know any good cafés or general places of interest in Milan (or Venice and Verona as we’re hoping to do day trips there too) do post a comment and let me know!

Walking round rome you’re constantly harassed by street sellers. Yesterday it was water and hats being waved in our faces, today it was ponchos and umbrellas. They’re relentless.

We met up with some family friends who are also staying in Rome for a few days and we visited to colosseum. It was lovely and hot as we walked round and took photos which was perfect as was our walk to the Trevi Fountain. This destination I was looking forward to – getting to throw a coin in and make a wish as well as marvelling at the incredible architecture of the monument because it really is stunning. Well, from what we saw of it. It was covered in scaffolding and was completely dry, so not the most amazing time to visit it. Still we got to walk across a man-made metal bridge to get a slightly better look and some people threw a coin in regardless (I waited until we got to the Triton Fountain to make my wish, that one had water and is still rather beautiful even if it is a little smaller than the Trevi).


From the Trevi fountain we got gelato, our first one since being in Italy and it was so delicious (not surprising I know)!! I had coconut and watermelon and it was the best ice cream I’ve ever had – we’re going back for more tomorrow. We took a quick trip to the Spanish Steps which were wholly underwhelming, perhaps because of the torrential downpour we were in, and the fact that these were also partly covered in scaffolding. As did the colosseum. Basically, don’t come to Rome this summer. But still, we saw a lot of sights today which was really cool and we took lots of photos – we even got to walk down the most expensive street of shops (Prada, Gucci, Valentino – you name it) wearing super sexy waterproof ponchos so who’s the real winner here?



We finished with dinner in a little Italian restaurant which was really yummy – pizza finally! It was totally worth the wait and may even keep us going until we leave, it’s sandwiches the rest of the time…

Tomorrow we hope to do The Vatican and Piazza Navona, also with our friends – gives us more oomph to get going in the morning! Anyway, hope you’ve like this little snapshot of our day – please send us back the sunshine!