sophie hollister

Bio: Sophie is an aspiring travel writer/professional smoothie maker. She enjoys Mexican food and country music and wishes she could go back to when it was acceptable to wear velvet sequined leggings in public. Right now she’s probably splurging her (minimal) salary on Etsy.

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2 thoughts on “About

  1. David Lewis says:

    Hi Sophie
    Mandy and I enjoyed meeting you too – and I have enjoyed reading your blog! I really liked the way you conveyed the feel of Madrid – the light, the colour, the warmth, the architecture, the food, the music etc., and also the way you communicated how safe you felt and how easy it was, in the end, to do it all on your own, even if it felt slightly risky beforehand. That is obviously helpful for what I guess is quite a youthful audience. Your chatty style made me think that you would go down well in a magazine aimed at younger people, which I guess is maybe what you hope to achieve.

    God luck with your ambitions, whatever they are – I hope you realise them. I’m sure establishing yourself on the Web is wise. Be strategic, and hang on in there!

    Love and prayers,

    David Lewis (retired vicar/interrogator)

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    • sophie hollister says:

      Hi David,
      Thank you for such a lovely reply, I’m glad you thought my writing was good enough to warrant a response haha! Good luck with your Spanish (do your homework!) and I hope your wife liked the puzzle necklace.
      Best wishes, Sophie.


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