Bridesmaid 101

They always said it would happen, and I believed them, I just never realised it would come around so quickly! “Wedding season” as they called it, has begun! You may be recently engaged yourself or be the friend or relative of someone who’s recently been asked The Question. If that’s the case there’s a chance you could be asked to play a part in the occasion so if you’re unsure about what that entails here are some pieces of advice for being a bridesmaid, since that’s the only role I’ve ever played in a wedding (I’ve never even been “just a guest” – serial bridesmaid anyone?!). Most recently I was bridesmaid for my best friend in Germany and helping with such duties from a different country had its difficulties but I think we coped pretty well!  

Anyway here we go, take or leave as you need. 

1. Even if you’re not maid of honour, help with the hen party is appreciated. Although I couldn’t just pop round with ideas or props I was frequently messaging her sister (the MoH) with ideas, links to Pinterest crafts and suggesting things that we could do/wear/see. Having the “English advantage” as her sister called it, I was able to bring things from home to go with the theme of part of the hen party – a pretty vintage tea cup, M&S scones (only the best) and other little English teatime treats. 

2. Be helpful, her wish is your command – whether it’s giving ideas, helping make/prepare party favours or something else she needs your extra pair of hands

3. Give her ideas and suggest things she may not have thought of but don’t be over powering, it is her day after all

4. Be prepared to spend time with her friends and family without her – this was especially true for me as I was staying with her family. Although you may not have extended periods of time with them and not her there will always be new family members to meet and socialise with

5. Be her motivator when things get stressful or tedious – hours making Pinterest style crafts and decorations gets a little tiring but we found watching Sex and the City reruns and drinking copious amounts of tea worked pretty well as a slight distraction 

6. Having said that, know when you both need a break – go out for dinner, make dinner together, have a movie and ‘pick n mix’ night, do something completely un-wedding related

7. Have fun and cherish every moment that you’re spending time together planning, making and celebrating because it’s over much too quickly! 


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