Top Tips for throwing the perfect baby shower… 

Back in September I helped to throw a baby shower for my best friend and I have to say it went perfectly so I thought I’d jot down a few top tips in case of you are in need of some ideas or inspiration! 

1. Make it a surprise if you can 

I would say make it a surprise if you can (presuming the expectant mother likes surprises – we did joke about setting off labour, thankfully that didn’t happen) as this really made the whole thing so special. Three of us hadn’t seen each other altogether for over a year so it was really lovely to be reunited. I’ll never forget A’s face when she came round the corner and saw us all hiding – there were tears all round. Not to be soppy but it was a special moment – if you can make it a surprise I’d recommend it. 

I have also been to a baby shower that was organised by the mother, a sit down dinner with gifts and shared stories, advice and laughs – pick something that suits the person you’re throwing it for, not everyone will enjoy the same thing and their comfort and enjoyment is number one priority! 

2. Find a good location 

Luckily for us, my best friends mum lives and works on a holiday caravan park and she very kindly saved a caravan for us to stay in for the weekend. It was such a cute place to hold the shower – perfect size for the four of us to chill and it had all the amenities we needed! 

3. Decorations!!

This was the most fun part!! The three of us that organised the shower are all pretty creative and so we’d all bought bits and pieces with us to put together and it looked so good! We had bunting, pom-poms, a twine “washing line” filled with tiny baby clothes, a bit fluffy cloud hanging from the ceiling with little appliqué rain drops, a big prop version of the adorable book “Guess How Much I Love You”, mason jars full of chocolate buttons, fudge and skittles as well as pretty cups and plates for other drinks and snacks – the list goes on! Get creative! 

4. Games

Well, games are a must!! Pinterest was very helpful when deciding what games to play (also for decor ideas too if you’re less creative) especially as they needed to be reasonably easy to pack into a case and take on train. We had “pin the sperm on the egg” – a baby centric version of “pin the tail on the donkey” – it has to be said we were probably equally good at this game, which in reality is the easiest of the ones we played, surprisingly. Next there was “who can dress the baby the quickest” this was done blindfolded, obviously. I was doing well at this until I got the poppers wrong and had to forfeit first place… I think I came third in the end. We also played “put the nappy on the baby”, again blindfolded. They’re all a lot harder in practise and I have to admit I was rubbish at this and had the nappy inside out from the start. There were also team games – describing and acting out different pregnancy and baby related topics in the fastest time; hilarity ensued. We also had print outs of “wishes for baby” and “advice for mum” which we didn’t get time to complete but are sweet ideas if you have more time. 

As I took a while to write this the baby in question has actually just been born so this is for you little Evelyn – can’t wait to meet you very soon! 


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