August/September Favourites…

Well what do you know, it’s nearly October! I missed my August favourites so there’s a couple from then here as well as my September ones – let me know what you’ve loved this month and if my favourites are your favourites too!

Number one: Ghostbusters 

I’m probably one of the few people who hasn’t seen the original but to watch the reboot it’s not a necessity. Although it received mixed reviews I personally loved it. I’m a huge fan of many of director Paul Feig’s movies (think Bridesmaids, The Heat and Spy) and this one was no exception. It should come as no surprise when I say that the cast were incredible – four of the funniest humans defeating ghosts – what more could you want from a movie? I was (as I’m sure many of you are) familiar with Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Wiig’s comedic prowess so I’ll be honest when I say I saw it because of them. However Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon blew me away, Kate in particular. Her deadbeat comedic streak and undeniable timing was so spot on, her character was hilarious throughout – even when she wasn’t speaking – and for me she outshone the others; although don’t get me wrong, the four of them together are pure gold. Even if you’re sceptical about a remake of such a classic film I’d recommend that you give this one a go. It’s got just enough references to the original (I may not have seen it but everyone knows what they are – we all want the title track to play) as well as a fresh new take. If the cinema wasn’t so goddamn expensive I’d go and see it again. 

Side note: I now can’t stop watching Kate McKinnon interviews on YouTube, everything she says is funny. I would say don’t fall into the same trap as me but who am I kidding, it’s probably the best use of your time. She’s just won an Emmy for Saturday Night Live so I’m not even making this up, she really is the best. Here, I’ll start you off. 

Kate McKinnon on Ellen: The Ellen Show

Ghostbusters interview with Leslie Jones for HeyUGuys: Ghostbusters Interview – Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones

Number two: Dodie Clark (doddleoddle) 

British online content creator Dodie Clark has been making videos consisting of original songs, as well as covers, for YouTube since 2011 with her channel doddleoddle. I’ve watched her videos for a little while now, her chatty ones as well as her music but she’s in my favourites this month for ‘Taking Back My Heart’ which she covered with Tessa Violet (American online content creator and singer/songwriter, channel name ‘meekakitty’) but was originally by Rusty Clanton, a fellow YouTube musician. Dodie and Tessa both sing and play the ukulele in the video as well as dancing/acting/generally having fun and the catchy rhythm had me hooked from the first listen. As someone who is trying to teach herself the ukulele, although very slowly I might add, it amazes me when I see people play it properly and both girls are great. The whole spirit of the video, and of the song, is so upbeat and infectious you can’t help but smile and sing along. I’ll leave the link here so that you can listen too. 

The videos: Taking Back My Heart

Dodie’s channel: doddleoddle

Tessa’s channel: meekakitty

Rusty’ s channel: Rusty Clanton

Number three: Dirty 30 (available to buy on iTunes now) 

Continuing the YouTube theme, I thought I’d write about my three favourite (Grace Helbig, Mamrie Hart and Hannah Hart) as they’ve just released their second full length feature film ‘Dirty 30’. Grace’s character Evie, and Hannah’s character Charlie throw a wild 30th birthday party for their best friend Kate, played by Mamrie after she has a slight existential crisis bought on by a letter she wrote to herself when was in high school, about turning 30 and how she thought her life would look. The movie, written by Mamrie, also features a whole host of other online content creators such as Rhett and LinkFlula BorgAnna Akana and Mikey Murphy who all give 110% to their roles, demonstrating what a supportive community YouTube can be. Dirty 30 is essentially about fun and friendship and if you like those things I think you should give this movie a watch. It’s available to download from iTunes now. 

Watch the trailer here: Dirty 30 Official Trailer

Number four: Throwing a baby shower and being bridesmaid – two things I basically became a pro at the last couple of months but I’ll save these for posts of their own 

Number five: The Girl With The Lower Back Tattoo by Amy Schumer

Lastly I thought I’d include a book that I’m still currently reading, which is Amy Schumer’s  ‘The Girl With The Lower Back Tattoo’. Although it has “self help” themes she’s adamant that it’s not a self help book, it’s more of a memoir or a collection of experiences from her life so far – that may or may not resinate with us or teach us something. I was a fan of Amy before but this book has opened my eyes to the hard and unrelenting work that she’s done to bring her to where she is now as well as some of her deep personal experiences that make her much more human and much less of a brash robot (no negative connotations there though, I also have some robot-like features). Her bold, funny, down to earth style is so “Amy” that its hard not to read it in her voice. It was interesting to get a glimpse into her world, from her family to good (and terrible) dates, her resilience from awful situations, her determination to succeed, and her constant positive emphasis on the importance of self love and body positivity. For me personally, it was comforting to read her words on topics such as weight, being an introvert or being single when she was just writing as a real human being – cellulite and all. Thank you Amy for such a funny, eye opening and inspiring book; all credit to you. 

I know my worth. I embrace my power. I say if I’m beautiful. I say if I’m strong. You will not determine my story. I will.

The Girl With The Lower Back Tattoo – Amy Schumer 


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