How To Be a Decent Human Being: Retail Edition

This post is for anyone who has worked in retail or knows someone that does. Most of the time we have lovely customers and enjoy being in such a people focused industry, however there are days that aren’t so idyllic. So without further ado welcome to this list of daily thoughts from a retail worker.  

How To Be a Decent Human Being: Retail Edition

1. If I’m wearing a name badge and/or lanyard or if I’m tiding clothes/stood behind a till then please assume I work here 

2. If I smile or say hello please don’t stare at me blankly – a smile back will suffice 

3. If you return an item that’s now gone up or down in price, you get back what you paid for it – no more, no less. It’s really that simple (assuming you’re actually within the returns policy of course). 

4. Before you complain about the card machines not working please make sure you have your card in the right way round. Many thanks. 

5. Speaking of complaining, the carrier bag charge has been in place since October and it’s still not my fault that you have to pay. Either you want a bag or you don’t, less of the snappy sarcastic comments would be appreciated – what else can 5p get you?

6. If something falls off the hanger while you’re browsing it, please try your best to put it back as it was instead of draping it over a fixture or leaving it on the floor – that’s how things get damaged. If you don’t want to buy it someone else will. 

7. Similarly, when trying things on in the fitting room please put things back on the coat hanger they came from. Handing me a pile of clothes that are inside out and leaving the hangers in the cubicle is the most unhelpful thing – it’s my job to assist you not clean up after you. 

8. Some of the dresses I sell are upwards of £300 and I can’t bare to see one more left inside out and wound round a hanger. They’re easily damaged, please be careful. If you want to try something on for fun because it’s beautiful that’s fine but if you can’t afford it please treat it that way. 

9. Please don’t leave your rubbish lying around unless you’d be happy to try on clothes surrounded by other people’s Starbucks cups and old receipts. 

10. If you come shopping on a busy Saturday afternoon you’re going to have to wait for a fitting room. It’s annoying for everyone, staff included so try not to be awful about it.

11. Hello, please and thank you don’t go amiss while you’re waiting for me to scan/wrap/bag your purchases and answering your phone (unless you apologise) is a huge no, plain and simple. 

12. If we’re short staffed we know about it just as much as you do. 

So there we have it, my very brief list of things we wish we could say. If you have any others to add please leave a comment! 


July favourites…

Well what do you know? It’s that time again already… July favourites! Crazy how fast these come round! Let’s just jump right in this month with my all time favourite purchase (maybe of the whole year??) a dress from online store, Boohoo. It’s super simple, plain black fabric with a slight A-line shape to it towards the bottom (one of those that fans out when you spin) and it’s a really soft, comfortable fabric. It has a bardot, off the shoulder neckline which stays in place if you don’t move your arms much, although if it rides up onto your shoulders it looks nice like that too. But I really can’t shout about this dress enough, I love it. It’s flattering and comfy and a decent length – not too short for those of us that aren’t fans of the super short dresses, it’s also a steal at £12 and delivery was quick and easy. As I said I bought it in black but it seems that isn’t available anymore however there are a variety of other colours. Compliments all round for the dress and well, for you too when you wear it! Link to the dress is below:

Styling the dress – it comes just above my knees

Nextup is an ‘accessory’ I actually wore with the dress mentioned above. They’re the Benefit “Prima Donna” false lashes, a Boots online exclusive. At £12 they’re more expensive than lashes I would normally buy but I’m 100% sold. I’ll be wearing them time and time again until they’re falling apart because they look so good, they’re easy to apply and they fit nicely once they’re on. They don’t look fake, more like your own lashes but with a bit of oomph which was exactly the look I was after.I wore them for a party but I could easily wear these in the daytime too. The only downside is that they don’t come with glue so I used some I had previously but they do come in a sturdy plastic container so it’s easier to keep them looking nice between uses. I’ll definitely be repurchasing once mine are done! 

Continuing with eye makeup I have two favourite mascaras this month. First is the Charlotte Tilbury ‘Full Fat Lash’ mascara which I wasn’t struck on at the beginning but after a few uses it grew on me. It cost £22 which I was pleasantly surprised about considering the brand and was only a little more than my previous mascara Too Faced ‘Better than Sex’ – one I had to stop using as it ended up under my eyes instead of on them by the end of the day. The Charlotte Tilbury mascara has had no such problems so far so I’m happy! It also came so beautifully packaged I had to take a photo – like receiving a present! 

So pretty!!

Second is the Clinique ‘bottom lash mascara’which has the tiniest wand you’ve ever seen like it’s made for delicate fairy eyes or something. Besides the size of the wand it does the job perfectly, catching all the little lashes in the corners as well as making them look long and luscious. This one also doesn’t drop under the eyes throughout the day which was something I scoured reviews for before purchasing. The formula is more liquid than a usual mascara so use with caution the first couple of times. At £13 (ish) I’d recommend this to anyone. I have two songs of the month for July, ‘Carry You Home’ by Ward Thomas and ‘I Love You Always Forever’ covered by Betty Who. ‘Carry You Home’ is the first single from Ward Thomas’ upcoming album ‘Cartwheels’, being released September 9th and is the perfect summer country song, full of heart, soul, storytelling lyrics and a catchy beat – what more could you want?! I have tickets to see these girls in October and I’m very excited to see what else they release. Their newest single ‘Guilty Flowers’ has just come out and that’s also worth a listen. 

Betty Who’s cover of ‘I Love You Always Forever’, the well known 90’s song (you’ll know it when you hear it) is such a great upbeat cover I’ve had it on repeat. Like her own songs, this cover is injected with her unique sound which just makes me feel like it sunny even when it’s not…maybe it’s her subtle Australian twang that does it. Anyway, I love this cover and if you like the original version and Betty’s style of music I’m sure you’ll like it too. 

My final favourite this month is the city of Portsmouth. It’s where I spent my 3 years at uni and where I spent four days last week when I was back visiting friends. There’s something special about the city you went to university in, like it’ll always be home even if you no longer live there. Portsmouth is a lovely city regardless, it has the mix of the old vs the new, the hustle and bustle vs the serene, the city and the sea – everything you could want. It was so lovely to catch up (and party with) old friends as well as making new ones. I don’t know, I just love it. 

Beautiful Portsmouth

Okay that’s the end of this months favourites! Leave a comment about any of the things I’ve mentioned above if you’ve also loved them or even if you just fancy saying hello! Thanks for reading, until next time!