Madrid; day two…

Today has probably been my favourite day. It started with a wander to find churros – I found the place everyone raves about but the queue was too long (I should have guessed!) so I went elsewhere for croissant and tea. After my little pit stop I made my way to the palace which I actually found by accident on my first evening – I thought it was just a really nice building, not realising it was the palace. Oops. The line for this was pretty huge so I took a few photos, basked in the sunshine and went on my way. Madrid is a lot smaller than I thought it was going to be, you can walk practically anywhere although the metro does come in handy for tired feet. By this time I wanted churros again since my craving hadn’t been fixed. I Churreria Chocolateria Las Farolas and the waitress gave me five churros as standard. I’m pretty sure I’ve blocked all my arteries. A cup of chocolate is also provided with a spoon – I know. They also did the best fresh orange juice which was much appreciated after such a carb-fest. The fact that they didn’t take cards should have been displayed somewhere as I got to the counter without a cent in my purse. Luckily she let me dash to the ATM and was very sweet about the whole thing but I nearly died of shame. I’m guessing from her reaction I’m not the first person to do that.


After a short stop back home to collect my notebook I headed back to the palace which thankfully had no line this time round. I’m so glad i went back and did this as it was both interesting and stunning to look around. At €10 per ticket it was already better than Museo del Prado from yesterday and I enjoyed it 100% more. Not that I didn’t enjoy the gallery, this was just a bit more up my street. I even bought a postcard for my scrapbook. The weather was level is by this point so I walked round the courtyard to take in the view from a balcony and this was the first time I’d seen scenery, you know like mountains and stuff, since arriving. Photos weren’t allowed inside but here’s one of the foyer.


I took my time strolling back through town to the metro where I hopped on to go to Retiro park which is where I wrote this. It’s beautiful here; sunny, quiet and full of little secret gardens. By the time I’ve typed all this out and posted it I may or may not have eaten more paella – don’t judge me, it’s my favourite. (Sadly this didn’t happen but I ate pizza instead so all was not lost). I didn’t use to be one for actively seeking out parks to walk round but I could stay in this one forever. There’s a boating lake here too and if I was a better rower I’d be tempted to give it a whirl however being stranded alone in the middle is a much more real situation. I’ll just stay under this tree.


A quick look round the rose garden and I was on my way back to the metro station (with a stop off for pizza and eavesdropping to the limited English conversation). I get back to my apartment each evening and collapse on the bed, site seeing is hard work. I’m exhausted. I think another early night is in order, once I’ve planned the last few activities for my final day tomorrow. I hope England has had nice weather too… just kidding, I hope it’s raining – someone in the park asked me if it was raining at home when I said where I was from and I told them it was so hopefully I didn’t lie.
I’ll try and squeeze in a post before I fly home tomorrow but if I can’t it might have to wait until Saturday. Adios for now!


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