March Favourites…

It’s not even the middle of March, let alone the end of it yet but I thought I’d do my March favourites early because I already have a few. Maybe I’ll do another one at the end of the month too, if I remember (and have anything else to add).

Okay, let’s get into it.

1. I’m not one to change foundations very often, I’ve been using Maybelline’s “Stay Matte Mousse” for over three years but this month I decided to have a change. This was due to the fact that I needed better coverage for the days when I’m at work and at the gym. The matte mousse isn’t great for oily skin either which I think I have… So this month I purchased Maybelline’s “Super Stay 24” foundation and I couldn’t love it more. The coverage is much much better and stays on even after I’ve been to the gym which is all I ever needed. I’m getting used to the liquid formula, something I haven’t used before but I recommend it if you want to try a new foundation that has good coverage and stays for as long as you need!

2. might be my new favourite website for jewellery and watches. I’d been needing a new watch since I started my job back in September as my old one was catching on everything (not great when you’re around £400 dresses) and so I was on a constant look out. A colleague at work recommended the website above after I complimented her watch and I subsequently found the perfect one. The clock face is nice and big so I can glance at it easily aaaaand it has a map as the background which is perfect for a travel lover like myself. They’re all really reasonable prices and with postage and packaging, which included gift wrapping and a little drawstring bag (so cute!), I think mine was still under £10 so highly recommended!!

3. I know I’m so behind the times with this one but I’ve started watching Girls, starring Lena Dunham. I’m already well into season 2 as its on my go to binge watching list for my days off, I just can’t help myself. I love all the characters, either you are one (or have aspects of them) or you know someone like them, which makes it even more relatable and funny. If I didn’t already want a tiny New York apartment, I definitely do now. Lena’s character in particular is so raw and just, well… human. I’m so glad they’re all kind of bumbling along with not much idea of who they are or what they want, because frankly, aren’t we all like that at the moment? Keep it coming Lena, I’m a fan.

4. Okay my fourth favourite this month is the gym. I’ve been going for almost a month (I think my family thought I’d flake out after the first session) and I Iove it. I try to go three or four times a week which varies depending on my shifts at work but I couldn’t praise The Gym enough, there are always staff around if you need anything, it’s never completely full (or completely empty) which is great and the changing rooms and showers are always immaculate. I have however fallen over in the shower, as did another girl, so there’s that. Oh the only thing that would be good is a hairdryer or two. If you’re in two minds about joining, just do it. Almost everyone goes alone and no one cares whether you’re walking on the treadmill or practising your sprints; you do you.

5. Finally, my favourite album at the moment is Brave by The Shires, the first UK country act to be signed by a major Nashville label (Universal Music Group Nashville). I love country music, old and new, and listening to these songs I wouldn’t have guessed they were from the UK (until I got to the song “Made in England” which was a slight giveaway) because their sound is so genuinely country. One of my favourite things about this genre of music is the way lyrics are used, I think lyrics are beautiful anyway but they way they’re used here really tell stories and make me want to cruise down Route 66 with these songs (and all other country songs) blasting. Give them a listen here and see what you think, this one will put you in a good mood whether you want to like it or not

That’s all from me today but let me know some of your favourites this month in the comments if you like or feel free to let me know what you thought of mine – thank you!