Can I stay up here…

Travel, travel, travel. I know (well, I’m going to make a sweeping statement) that most people don’t feel about it the way I do. I know I annoyed Sophia no end on the way back from Amsterdam but I couldn’t help it… we were sat on the right side of the plane which was fine until I realised the sun was setting on the left side. I got some nice photos but nowhere near as amazing as they could have been had we sat the opposite side. The whole hour flight was me craning my neck to catch a glimpse of the sunset (which of course I couldn’t – there were people in the way on the left and I kept banging my head on the window when I looked too far right), this undoubtedly frustrated Sophia – even more than the American’s in front of us, teenage boys kicking our seats behind us and the crying baby beside us – who incidentally had a great view out the window. Unfair. I contemplated asking the stewardess to take a photo for me (that’s a normal request, right?) but the look I got from Sophia when I suggested it made me settle down. Instead I stared intently out of my right hand window at the clouds, laced with a pink sunset-hue which was so beautiful I couldn’t help but stare. I could have stayed up there forever, so calm and serene and light and the clouds look so soft and fluffy I just wanted to play in them – don’t tell me you haven’t thought about doing that too. Being up there is incredible, I only wonder what a breathtaking view the pilot gets. I don’t think there’s a word for the feeling that being up there makes me feel. It’s strange that I love flying so much when i’m scared of heights. This fear has got a little better over the years but I still find it pretty terrifying, yet flying thousands of feet in the air in a tiny tin can doesn’t phase me (which i’m very glad of). Maybe it’s because I’d like to believe that the clouds would soften my fall, who doesn’t want to land in a cotton candy castle?

Stepping away from flying, even the tram rides through Amsterdam were amazing. There was so much to look at and take in; it’s a beautiful city for those of you who haven’t had the chance to visit. The architecture might be on of my favourite things about it; the buildings are stunning to look at and they’re all a little bit different from each other, whether it’s the wooden shutters, gargoyles, stonework, colour, it could be anything. the amount of canals and bridges (although cliche to mention) but they’re so pretty and even if i lived there i don’t think i’d get bored of them. They’re so unique and make the city close to magical, even in the rain. Also, Dutch people are the nicest, their language is funny to listen to (imagine what The Sims language sounds like…) but stay there for long enough and you’d be able to pick it up (if not, their English is near perfect). I think I’ve done most of Amsterdam now so I doubt I’ll be going back for a while but it’s a gorgeous place, try and go if you haven’t already (their waffles are also the best), I don’t think you could regret a trip to such a wonderful place.


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