The beauty of travel…

I guess I’ve always loved travel. Train stations, airports, and the excitement of going somewhere new; not only the anticipation of the destination but the process of getting there is almost more of a thrill. Even long car journeys or “tagging along for the ride”, I don’t know what it is but I go into my own little world whilst taking in the huge one around me. I’m always craning my neck to see something out the window, whether it’s particular people or something interesting on the skyline, the way the light touches the buildings at a certain time of day… I know I’ve strained to see many a sunset from the bus window, gaining one or two odd looks. It’s strange to me that some people don’t take in the beauty of their surroundings, I know I can be oblivious to it sometimes; rushing around being busy, bustling to and from work but there is always something interesting to look at, to marvel at, something that will catch my eye. Maybe that’s why I like journeys; whether it’s a new one or the same one I do every day. You never know quite what you’ll see or who you’ll meet. I realised I write almost all of my blog posts whilst travelling (either that or from my bed, amidst a flurry of thoughts and ideas), perhaps it gives me inspiration subconsciously, freeing me from writers block. Or it may just be when I have the most time to myself. Either way I like to think that it makes my commute a little more creative than it might otherwise be. The day after tomorrow I’m going to Amsterdam and I can’t wait for the moment when you’re above the clouds and the sun is shining and you can see through the clouds to the beautiful world below – nothing beats that feeling. Times like that are incredible and they make me feel so grateful that I’m able to see the earth from such a perspective. I’m hoping the views will give me some kind of inspiration for a post that I can write on the plane but we’ll see; maybe I’ll just have that moment to myself. I am wanting to write about the things I see and do whilst I’m in The Netherlands but at what point I’ll be able to do so, or what form it’ll come in, I’m not sure. I think we’ll have to find that out together. Tomorrow will consist of packing (well, checking I’ve packed everything… I was ready three days ago) and printing off the vital information (well, checking I’ve printed it all… you get it.). On Thursday we’re getting up ridiculously early which I’m actually so excited about, because that means adventure!! Yay! Okay, I’ll finish this here but I hope you’ll come on my little trip with me; I’d love to see you there.


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