Writing about writing…

I’ve been stuck with writers block for far too long and I haven’t really been inspired to write much, or anything, of worth. I could ramble about a TV show I’ve watched or how my job’s going but neither of those are going to be interesting to you, my reader, and that’s primarily what I think about when I have an idea for a post; which of course, I don’t. However, last night I was watching a live stream of my favourite YouTuber (Grace Helbig) talk about her book (Grace’s Guide; The Art of Pretending to be a Grown-Up) and answer questions about how she came to write it and what her favourite part’s of it are and one of the questions was about aspiring writers and any advice she might have for them. Her answer was just what I needed to hear and her words are still resonating with me today. She said firstly that if you love to write, just do it. Just write. About anything, for anyone, just write and see where you go with it. The second thing which really hit me was “remember why you love it”. Why do I like to write? Honestly, I hadn’t really thought about this before, I’d just kind of done it because it was something I enjoyed and something I was semi-good at. But here are a couple of reasons why I love to write and I’m sure all you other writers out there will agree with these and have many more of your own that I haven’t thought of so please feel free to comment with your own ideas.

Number one, it’s like therapy. Whether you publish work about your feelings or simply keep it for yourself it can be freeing and help you make sense of your emotions/your situation. This brings me onto my second point, seeing things written down really helps me process thoughts and ideas and emotions rather than it all floating around aimlessly in my head. I’ve always been more of a writer than a speaker and I think for people similar to me in that aspect we find it much easier to express ourselves through written words. Maybe it’s because we’re able to edit it first and make it perfect before anyone else sees it. Maybe it’s so there’s less confrontation, even if what you’re saying isn’t controversial or you’re not putting yourself out there it still gives you a little barrier between how it may be perceived and also gives you a bit more time to think of a sufficient comeback (should you need it).  Another reason I thought of whilst writing this is that taking the time to write something (hopefully) of worth, makes you think about what you’re contributing and why. Does it help you? Does it help someone else? Will it inspire someone? Will it make them smile? What are you writing and why? Another of Grace’s motto’s, as it were, is simply “be a nice human”, so don’t write something that doesn’t bring some kind of positivity. Lastly, I guess the final reason I love to write is that when you show someone something you’ve written (always nerve-wracking) and they like it, or agree with it, or show it to someone else – it makes you feel good and gives you a sense of achievement that what you’re doing is actually okay and not a complete waste of energy like it feels at times. So if you’re in a writing lull, just write anything and keep going until you write something of worth that you’re proud of… have faith in yourself, I know you can do it.

Here’s a link to the live stream that inspired my creativity today, thank you Grace.

Now tell me, why do you love to write?