Being alone…

It’s a strange feeling, being alone (and I’m not talking about simply sitting by yourself). When your family are pre-occupied and your friends are busy and the one person you’d usually talk to, you can’t… you realise you’re well and truly alone. It’s odd. It kind of makes you feel small and insignificant and a bit forgotten about. This is going to sound like such a needy post but I don’t mean it like that, I wrote this because I know I can’t be the only one who has this feeling sometimes and your thoughts and comments on the topic would be appreciated. Even when you’re surrounded by people all day and you’re keeping yourself so busy, once you’re home and no ones asking you about your day (to your face or through a phone) and there are things you want to tell specific people about but you can’t for fear of annoying them whilst they’re with other friends or simply knowing they won’t reply.. I think that’s when it sets in. You can sit for hours with no one talking to you, and maybe it’s because we’re so used to being in contact with people all the time that when it stops for a minute we feel lost, but honestly, when you realise how alone you are in that moment it really sucks. And whether you try and ignore it by blasting music or watching a film or reading a book, waking up the next day in the same situation doesn’t make you feel great. I know this post was short and on a slightly different subject to what I tend to write about so I hope you’ve liked it in some way and like I said, your thoughts and comments are always welcome.


5 thoughts on “Being alone…

  1. Noah says:

    I tend to agree with B, “Enjoying your own company is the first step to real happiness.” That kind of happiness comes from strength and unfortunately that kind of strength is not instant, it is won by battling our demons. Most of our lives we learn to judge our self worth by the love that is freely given to us by others and often we neglect loving ourselves. Now that I’ve covered all the cliches let me tell you about my experience. I was that person that always needed a partner. I don’t think I ever went more than a few months without being with someone. I married the best woman I could find and started our life together. My career is not just a job, its a life. It tests the best relationships and breaks most of them. I was not strong enough to nurture the relationship and as much as I’d like to say she failed me it’s simply not true. I found myself alone and in pain. I clung to the first girl that I thought could replace the missing part of me, and even though she loved me completely I broke her. It was a hard and extremely depressing lesson that I should have learned earlier in life. I realized that my logic was flawed, there was no missing part of me. You can find your best friend and make them your partner in crime, but they will never complete you. They will encourage you, teach you, defend you, and they will be there when you are falling apart.
    Take the time to love your soul like nobody else can.

    I hope bearing my soul a little helps yours,

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  2. anamfrances says:

    Do not worry for these feelings shall soon pass. You are locking yourself in by telling yourself that no one wants to hear from you or that they are too busy. At the end if the day they will still go, ah yes, my friend Sophie sent me a message which I need to reply to! If they don’t ever (and by ever I mean never) contact you…well I’d question that in itself. Enjoy no obligations to other people and only yourself as once you become a couple with someone you will grow to realise that you are no longer just you. Same with a family, not everything will be about you anymore. Enjoy being able to paint your nails, read girly magazines etc in your spare time because before you know it you might not have much time for those lovely me time things at all. ❤️❤️ I hope this post is helpful and that you can draw some comfort from it. Xxxxx


  3. The Bionic Woman says:

    hey there,

    You are correct. We all get like this sometimes. The thing to do is to look at your life and think what you HAVE got that others might not. Like a family, home, friends and job. We take these things for granted everyday. So don’t worry about feeling alone, because you are not alone in that! Ironic really. Xxxx


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