I’ll see you soon…

Right, once again it’s been much too long since I’ve written something here – mainly because now I have a job I have less time for writing… once I get into more of a routine I’ll try and keep these a bit more regular. What kind of things would you like to read? Let me know and I’ll do my best to oblige. Today I thought I’d write a quick piece about friendships, specifically the post-uni friendship struggle. I think everyone knew how tough it would be to keep in constant contact once we’d graduated but woah… it’s difficult. With jobs that take up a big percentage of our time it’s hard to make time for anything, but particularly keeping in contact with those we don’t see every day. For some a quick text or Facebook post is enough because you know that you’re still the best of friends and that you’ll have a better catch up at a later date, whether that’s long messages from each of you with delays in between, it’ll happen at some point. For others, the friends you haven’t seen or heard from in while, it’s harder –they need more effort because without it it’ll be much too easy to let them slip away. With friends now being up and down the country travel is also a factor that takes time and money to organise, which can also complicate things so  I guess this is a kind of apology to those of my friends who I haven’t had chance to see or speak to recently  – I promise you’re in my thoughts and as soon as I have some money and some time you’re first on my list to contact. I know as soon as we’re together it’ll be like we were never apart though – a year apart from my best friend, due to her living abroad, and it was like she’d never left (you know who you are and I love you – seeing you this summer was the best).

So yeah, bear with me whilst I try to become a fully functioning adult, I know you’re all in this boat of long distance friendship with me… I’ll see you soon.


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