Because everyone loves a good binge watch…

It has been much, much too long since I wrote a blog post for you all and I doubt that many of you even noticed but I’m back now and here is the newest instalment. I’ve been really busy recently as I got a job and I’ve also been trying to go running a lot more because I was bored (before my job stole my time) and because I really need to exercise, I know I know – lame right? I’ve also been low on inspiration for a decent post. I had a couple of ideas floating around but none of them were that great so I thought that, since it’s September and lots of things restart in this month, I’d write about my top five TV shows – all of which have just started new seasons.

Okay, in no particular order:

Modern Family (2009- )

Back for its 6th season, Modern Family is the ultimate family sitcom. The characters are all so funny and relatable in their own quirky little ways – at least one of them is bound to remind you of someone you know; I for one know someone a little too much like Phil…(but Phil might be my favourite so that’s totally a good thing!). The interlinked plot lines between all members of the happily dysfunctional family are also undeniably relatable – possibly the main thing that makes this show hilarious. Each actor has their character so spot on you forget you’re watching a show and the more you watch this programme the more you feel like you’re part of the family too.


New Girl (2011- )

Zooey Deschanel, her returned for her fourth season in all her adorkable glory and although the show has lost many viewers since season one, it still proves to be a success. Similar to that of Friends, it takes place in the flat of Nick, Schmidt, Winston, Jess and Coach with the local bar being the comparison to Central Perk. This show always makes me laugh, whether it’s Nick’s adorable stupidity, Jess’ cute, awkward nature or Schmidt’s general personality there is always something in this show that’ll make me smile and I’m sure many other viewers like me will agree.


Grey’s Anatomy (2005- )

Grey’s Anatomy has been running for almost 10 years and it returned this month with its phenomenal eleventh season. Unfortunately, Dr Christina Yang (played by Sandra Oh) is no longer in the show and this was constantly referred to during the episode as she was such an integral character and will be missed by the cast and the viewers. However, the season was kicked off with subtle reminders of each storyline which I guess might be necessary for the viewers that haven’t been counting down the days until its return… I won’t name names. Somehow Grey’s Anatomy always manages to make me cry – I don’t know whether that’s because of the deeply moving plot lines or because I’m slightly emotionally unstable but either way, it happened just as much in the 11th season as it did for the first. So if emotions, gorgeous doctors and medical dramas with a hint of comedy are your thing I suggest you check it out (but start from the beginning, believe me).


The Mindy Project (2012-)

I’m a newbie to The Mindy Project, having it recently recommended to me by one of my best friends, and I can tell you she was right to tell me about it. I watched the two seasons in a week (which was of course before I had a job) and I filled my days watching Mindy and the rest of the OBGYN (obstetrics and gynaecology) team be completely hilarious. I think the funniest character might have to be Morgan, simply because his suggestions to things are completely hilarious not to mention I’m completely jealous of his dog collection. Mindy, is of course my favourite character because I see parts of myself in her, I’m sure many other female viewers do too, and her love of Katy Perry is me all over. If you want light, rom-com style 22 minute entertainment then this is the show, just beginning its third season, for you.


Strictly Come Dancing (2004- )

The only British programme on my top five list I’m ashamed to say. Series 12 started last night and continues with a second show tonight and the shimmer and sparkle has won me over once more, not that there was ever any doubt that I wouldn’t be watching. I love Tess and Claudia’s partnership and the fact that we got to see the judges’ dance, if only for a few seconds. I love the choice of celebrities this year too although if one more newspaper/magazine article uses a photo of Pixie Lott instead of one of the other contestants I might wish for her to leave the show – she’s gorgeous, we get it. But honestly, I can’t wait for the next few weeks of glitz and glamour; I only wish I could join in!



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