It’s already day 25..!

Okay so we’ve been in Mallorca for five days and after the first one was basically cancelled due to sickness the following four were spent at the beach. It’s so nice to have no agenda, nothing we desperately want to see or need to queue up for hours for. Just relaxing by the beach, taking our time, and not having to worry about packing up and getting on a train every few days. So there isn’t really much to report other than this is the perfect way to finish our European travels, even if I have burnt myself so that find it hard to wear clothes/lie down/be a functioning human.

The place we’re staying now is the best of all our hostels (Hostel Atlanta in Palma if you want to look it up) and I’d easily come back. The location is perfect and the rooms are clean and tidy with new towels every two days and the food is delicious. The staff here are so friendly and helpful – one’ seven from near Bristol so we’ve had many evenings of jokes and banter which has been hilarious. The nearby restaurants are Spanish yet seen to be run by English people – fine by us, they’re all super friendly and are all up for a conversation about dear old England.

Anyway, that’s about it on the update front so we’re going to get ready and enjoy our last day – it’s come round scarily fast, can’t we just stay here?

Here are some sunset photos for you, simply because they’re beautiful. Hope you’re all jealous!




Just one quick question for you all – what shall I do with this blog once I’m home? I’d like to continue it but I’m not sure what with until i get to travel again… Any suggestions are more than welcome! Thank you!


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