Sehr schön..!

Sorry this update is a little late, yesterday was a busy travelling day!

Our time in Cologne was so nice – we met up with Gesa and her sister Inga the first night and they showed us Cologne nightlife which was really good – especially considering it was a Tuesday. We started with traditional German beer which lead onto cocktails (possibly the best I’ve ever tasted – they came with marshmallows!) and then we got the u-bahn (underground) to the club. We got caught in a thunderstorm not 10 seconds from the club entrance and got drenched which was both funny yet wholly annoying. The club was also an Irish pub and Tuesday was “international students night” so there were plenty of people there speaking English which made life easier for us both! They even knew some songs in English that we didn’t know!


Sophia was a little worse for wear the next day but I dragged her out anyway to meet up with Gesa one last time. We saw the cathedral (Dom) and the Hohenzollerenbrücke, the main bridge into the city which is completely covered in padlocks – like the gate at Juliet’s House in Verona but a million more! Sophia and I put a padlock on there too although ours was a little amateur compared to some that were engraved with names, messages or special dates; which were all so sweet to read.



We drank typical Cologne beer by the Rhein which was lovely (beer isn’t my drink but this was actually okay) and we took photos and chatted which was really nice. We then walked through the old part of Cologne, through the shops which were so beautiful and quaintly German but we ended up in Starbucks, of course. It’s okay though, we’d had typical German food when we arrived – bratwurst und kartoffelsalat (German sausage and potato salad) which had been delicious!



After a lovely day in the sunshine, walking around Cologne Gesa left us to go back to her hometown and we went back to our hostel to do washing – the first place with a washing machine and we made good use of it!

Yesterday we didn’t have time to see anymore of the city as we had to catch our train to Amsterdam – which is where we are now! I think that’s everything I have to say at the moment but I’m sure I’ll have more stories for you in the next few days!


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