Hallo Deutschland..!

Yesterday was a travelling day. We got the train once again from Milan to Verona and then from Verona to Munich (5 hours!) and found our hostel really quickly, right in the middle of everything which was perfect. The views from the train on the way were beautiful, mountains and rivers, little houses and churches dotted all the way up – so pretty to look at. We were also greeted with a beautiful sunset, which again I was basically becoming a contortionist to see from the train…


We went to pizza but for dinner, not exactly German but oh well, we were only in Munich for one night. My pizza though, was amazing – macaroni cheese with mushrooms. On pizza! Genius!

I slept really well and had a great shower this morning but Sophia didn’t have as much luck with either; I tried my best not to laugh…

This morning we got the train from Munich to Cologne, with only a slight platform hitch we made it to the train (it might have included a slight jog and a 400m walk to our carriage which was evidently closed but it’s fine. Everything’s fine.).

When we reach Cologne our plan is to have dinner and then meet up with my German best friend Gesa, and go out on the town – Germans know how to party! We’re also seeing her tomorrow to explore Cologne and have a catch-up and then we leave Thursday for our train to Amsterdam. Busy busy!!

Tschuss for now!


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