In fair Verona where we lay our scene…

Today was magical. We woke at 6.30 was wasn’t magical at all, it was horrendous after getting in at 2am but still, we did it. We got the train to Verona – the setting of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, to see Juliet’s House and that’s where things got magical. Walking through Verona was beautiful, almost like a little toy town – such pretty buildings, little parks with fountains and cute little side streets that we’re filled with people milling around, regardless of the fact that it’s Sunday.




The street leading down to Juliet’s House, Via Capello, was so lovely – the buildings are so amazing to looks up at, especially against the blue sky we were lucky to get today! The shops were a mix of designer and high street brands but it made me think what might have been there originally – if only we could have gone back in time…


The street of Juliet’s House was so so busy, packed with tourists cramming to get a view of the infamous balcony and of course the statue of Juliet that stands in the courtyard. Many a visitor would pose next to her, touching her left breast for good luck, so much so that that one is gold, unlike the rest of her.

The atmosphere, apart from being completely hectic and touristy was really lovely – couples writing on the wall, leaving messages of their love as well as the gate covered in padlocks symbolising many relationships from across the globe.



After wanting to visit Verona for a long long time it lived up to my expectations and the morning we spent there couldn’t have been better!

After sitting in the sun eating ice cream we wandered back to the train to continue our adventure. Next stop was Venice, somewhere I’d also wanted to visit for years. I can’t begin to describe how stunning it was. Walking out of the station you’re met instantly by the canal, adorned with gorgeous little streets on each side; it looks exactly like a postcard and I was in awe of how incredible it was.


Sophia’s blisters were giving her hell so I left her sunbathing by the canal and I wandered off. My first stop was the bridge – an amazing view of the canal with all the aquataxis and gondolas floating along. So picturesque. After taking in the view for a while I continued down one of the main streets, amazed at all the beautiful Venetian masks and Murano glass. I wish I could have filled a suitcase with all the souvenirs I could manage because they were all so spectacular. Unfortunately we’re carrying our luggage on our backs and have no space for anything so I had to settle for a couple of postcards and a little mask, something I’ll have to be super careful about packing but I just couldn’t resist.



After a little more wandering in amazement I made my way back to Sophia and we found a little restaurant to have dinner. I had lasagne (my third since being in Italy but it’s my favourite so it doesn’t matter) and Sophia had spaghetti with clams – both were delicious.



We’re now on the train back to Milan (I’m craning my neck in every direction to see the sunset, it’s so beautiful) for our last night, although I think we’ll be in bed rather than partying since we’ve got a 7 hour train journey to Munich tomorrow…

Ciao for now!


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