Ciao! Today was pretty spectacular! We met up with our family friends once more and took the metro to Ottaviano, the closest metro station to St. Peter’s Basilica. The queue was long but it was bearable as the sun was shining and we moved along pretty quickly – the view from outside also took your mind off the wait. After a bag scan and quick wardrobe alternations (no legs or shoulders can be shown) we were soon inside and the wait was well worth it.
The interior was spectacular, almost breathtaking to look at and I marvelled at everything I saw. A statue crafted by Michaelangelo was the first monument we saw – he’d completed it by the time he was 24 which made me feel quite inadequate! We continued walking round, taking in the beautiful mosaics and finely decorated walls. I’ve never seen anything so incredible. If you go to Rome it’s well worth and visit and it’s free to go in.




After being thoroughly amazed we decided to pay the €7 (kindly paid for by our family friends) to go to the top of the dome and see the view from the top. Climbing the 350 steps (after getting a lift!) to the top did make us second guess our choice but once we reached the last step it was completely worth it. The view across the whole of Rome was amazing and the photos below really don’t do it justice – if you get the chance (and have €7) definitely do it.



A rest was needed after this excursion so drinks in the sunshine it was and then a nap back at our hostel. We met our friends by the Trevi fountain and then went to dinner (I had lasagne tonight and it was delicious) and then for ice cream before coming back and collapsing before leaving for Milan tomorrow. The weather was beautiful today and hopefully our tans are coming along…
Here’s the sunset from earlier, it wasn’t stunning but I still thought it was rather pretty.



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