Day two and half of day three…

So yesterday was our chill out day. We thought that since we’re here for four more days we didn’t want to run out of things to do and so we were quite happy just reading and relaxing by ourselves. We did venture out to the shop only to find it closed because it was Sunday – a tradition us English girls completely forgot about. The evening was not eventful however and we met up with three of Sophia’s friends from home for dinner. We wandered the little back streets of Rome, surrounded only by locals which was really nice. We stopped for dinner at La Bottega Del Café which was next to a pretty fountain and some other little Italian restaurants. Very picturesque – this photo doesn’t do it justice.


Dinner was lasagne and strawberry daiquiris – perfect combination for our first proper meal since the evening before we left England. The atmosphere was typically Italian, complete with a table of chain smokers – something we have yet to get used to. The two American girls sat behind us were slightly grating with their loud conversation but we didn’t let it affect our evening.

The stroll back to our hostel was just what we needed before heading to bed.

Today we’ve had to move hostels (we extended our stay soon after we booked and couldn’t continue in the place we were). So currently we’re wasting time before check-in, sat on the floor people watching in Termini Station which is the busiest station in Rome – I uploaded a video to Instagram if you’re overly interested, I won’t blame you if not. We would have done something a little more worthwhile with our time instead of looking homeless but carrying 11kg on your back doesn’t make it that easy. We’ll make up for it later I promise but right now it’s snack time…


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