We made it..!

We made it!! We’re in Rome from now, well yesterday, until Thursday. We have to change accommodation halfway through but a change of scenery might be nice. Our accommodation is basic but has everything we need and feels Italian – stone ceilings and titled floors and such.

Yesterday was mostly travelling and getting our bearings. After the aeroplane we got a coach to Termini station, the biggest train station in Rome, and our hostel was near there. Whilst waiting for the coach Sophia got out her deodorant (we we’re hot and sweaty, no explanation needed!) and as she took the lid off it fell apart which made me cry with laughter, possibly from travelling hysteria and tiredness but it made us both laugh.
From the coach we took a coupe of wrong turns getting to our hostel but we found it eventually, I don’t think we’d be proper travellers if we didn’t make a few mistakes.

Rome itself is incredible. It’s unlike anywhere I’ve been before, all the architecture is beautiful and stunning to look at.



This is Trajan’s column which commemorates emperor Trajan’s victory in the Dacian wars. It was completed in AD 113, so it’s pretty old, making it even more amazing. The engravings are what really make it stunning to look at and they tell the story of the wars between the Romans and the Dacian’s.

Despite the free wifi and countless Vespas racing round it feels like going back in time whilst wandering round this ancient city.

On our way to the colosseum we met two Romanian Italians dressed as roman soldiers who we had photos with (see below) and they became our friends for the hour we stood and chatted with them, such funny guys!



We walked down to the colosseum to have a quick look but we’re doing the bus sightseeing tour (possibly tomorrow) so we’ll get off and look around the colosseum properly then.

We also want to see the Trevi Fountain and the Spanish Steps and the Vatican so that might be early next week. A successful first day in Rome though it has to be said – and hopefully some new tan lines to show for it!


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