Four days..!

So in four days time we’ll in Rome! How exciting! I packed most of my bag last night, as i’m not home for a few days because of graduation, and it’s pretty heavy… I need to put a few more things in but I don’t think it’ll be too bad to carry.
I packed each section of clothes in separate bags within the big bag, for example, trousers, leggings and shorts in one bag, t-shirts in another and beachwear in another but we’ll see how long that system lasts. Deciding what to pack and what I could live without was hard! Hopefully I’ve made the right choices…

I’ve sorted out euros etc now too and the post office have a really cool “travel money card”. You use it like a debit card in the currency of your destination and you’re able to top it up and check your balance online or on their app. So we did that rather than carrying loads of cash around.
Here’s the link if you’re interested:

We’re getting excited now, I just hope I remember to tell you about each place!


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