So, it turns out…

Hi everyone, hope you’re all okay!

So, it turns out that travel bag shopping wasn’t nearly as hilarious as we thought it would be. It just emphasised my weakness when I failed to tighten the straps which if anything, was slightly embarrassing. But still, the two assistants in the shop (Trespass in Bristol – highly recommended!) were both really funny and helpful which made us feel less like travel novices, regardless of how much stuff Sophia knocked on the floor…

Apart from buying a bag and a really cool towel that dries almost instantly (I might have got slightly over excited about that in the shop…) I didn’t get much, only some hand sanitizer (yes, I’m that girl) and the necessary travel pills. We also ate delicious Chinese noodles and drank bubble tea and had a lovely day in the sunshine, oh and we fawned over £500 Louboutins in Harvey Nichols; something we obviously won’t need but still, I can dream.

One thing I do need your help with! Anyone who’s been away for more than two weeks – what did you do about phones with regards to internet/texting/etc? Did you get a different sim card? The woman in Vodaphone was completely unhelpful but did suggest getting a Lyca or Lebara sim card… Any help or advice about this would be much appreciated, thank you! 


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