Stay with me..!

Hey everyone! Things have gone a bit quiet on the travelling front at the moment because everything is booked and it’s been a little hectic moving back home. Trying to fit three years’ worth of stuff in an already full room is quite a task let me tell you (although I’m sure a lot of you know that first hand). I’ve been rearranging my bedroom and attempting to decorate it at the same time and personally, I think I’m DIY queen now – I even got a slight thumb laceration to prove it (maybe laceration is a slightly strong word but I have a cut anyhow… no pain no gain).

So there’s not much to report at the moment although Sophia and I are going shopping at the weekend for travel essentials, although I doubt we’ll pack loads – we managed in Disneyland with one outfit for three days (no judgement please) so I think we’ll be okay just taking necessities. Perhaps that outing will lend itself to a blog post, i mean trying on bags almost the same size as us has to be funny right?

Hope you’re all doing okay, stay tuned for more interesting posts in the next few weeks!


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