So let the party begin…!

Right, I’m back – ready for the next phase of our trip? Good, I hoped you would be! So, after Rome, Milan and Munich/Cologne we get the train to Amsterdam. The German train booking website was easier to use than the Italian one, so clear and easy to understand it was great to use and again, the InterRail website takes you through how to use it – some German trains need to be booked by phone or can be left until you’re at the station.

We arranged our whole trip around the fact that we wanted to be in Amsterdam from the 1st to the 3rd of August because that weekend is Gay Pride and quite frankly, we can’t wait for those few days. I think it’ll be filled with just about everything! Whilst we’re there we want to go to the Anne Frank House and the Van Gogh museum and possibly the Diamond Museum and any other places where we can soak up some culture. Sophia found a nightclub called Trouw which is held in an old newspaper printing factory and combines food, music and art all in one space so it seems like an interesting place to check out. If you’ve been, do tell me all the pros and cons of it – it seems slightly, uh, safer (?) than some of the other options around town… I don’t think we’ll need a tetanus shot after at least.

So after a welcome mix of education and crazy partying with everyone for Pride, we’re off to Denmark and I have to say, it’s mostly for the statue of The Little Mermaid. The blurb surrounding Denmark labels it as a fairy tale-like country and around Copenhagen, where we’re staying, there are many fairy tale walking tours you can take which give an insight into Hans Christian Andersons life as well as the inspirations for his stories. We’re not spending that long in Copenhagen but it’ll be nice to just to relax a little after our busy (and probably exhausting) Amsterdam weekend.

Now after spending three weeks jumping on and off trains and walking until we can’t anymore, we wanted somewhere to fully relax and top up our tans before returning home; and what better place to do that than Esapaῆaaaaa! Granted we had to fly from Denmark to but it was actually pretty cheap, perhaps something to do with the 6am take-off. The alternative was a train to Barcelona and then a ferry to Palma which would have taken about 24 hours and as you can imagine neither of us we’re particularly thrilled at that thought. So 6 days in Mallorca is how we’re finishing our travels and it’ll be perfect to just lie on the beach and do absolutely nothing. I for one will be filling up on paella and authentic Spanish food like there’s no tomorrow simply because it’s delicious and of course, you can’t have Spanish food without Spanish sangria… so let the party begin! 


2 thoughts on “So let the party begin…!

  1. Anaaaaaaa says:

    the only thing I’d say about Copenhagen is I don’t remember it that much. The little mermaid is beautiful but when I went it was kind of crowded with tourist, so I hope it won’t be the same for you! Amsterdam isn’t unsafe at all! And you have to go to the Red Light District at least for the lols. There’s just nothing else like the in the world and it’s the safest place in all of Amsterdam as there’s hundreds of security cameras to protect the working girls.


    • sophieahollister says:

      Yeah reviews of the little mermaid said it was crowded but hopefully we’ll be able to get a photo! 🙂 cool, that’s good to know about Amsterdam! Do you have any recommendations of particular clubs/bars to go to? 🙂


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