Give or take…

Give or take, I’ve been in education for 3,136 days. 16 years. As long as I can remember, and now, just like that; it’s over. Done. Finished. I know for me at least, it’s a feeling I can’t quite describe. I’d class it as an odd mix of sheer panic combined with a desperate need for excitement, adventure and something new. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve actually loved being in education (clearly, I chose three extra years of it) but there comes a time when enough is enough and it’s time for a change. 

Originally I thought I’d stay in Portsmouth, the place I went to uni and the city I’ve fallen in love with, get a job and an apartment and really start to live – I presumed that would work anyway. Yet personal circumstances changed and I no longer felt the need to stay in a place that held rather few too many painful memories and so I embarked on a new plan. Travel. And this is where you come in (yes, you’re probably the only one still reading so thank you for getting this far). I invite you on this journey with me, one of adventure and discovery in every form. Hopefully these little excerpts will be full of wit and whimsy with a rather large (and rather needed) overdose of wanderlust. Welcome. 


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